Snow…and a freshly-baked microwave mug cake.


Any night is a good night to eat a yummy microwave mug cake. But a Friday night in New England … when we’re expecting the first snowstorm of the season … seems like an especially good time to bake one. Because I’m feeling virtuous — and because a colleague, author/publisher Barbara DesChamps, inspired me (she’s currently working on a book about soups and, by the way, you can visit her online at ) — I think I’ll make Amy’s Microwave Mug Cake which uses carrot juice and tomato juice as its two main ingredients. Thank you for the inspiration, Barbara!

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  1. Jon says:

    Hi Stacey,

    Have you tried making chocolate fondants by this method? I have been trying to adapt Gordon Ramsay’s recipes and they taste fine, as they would with good chocolate and butter, but they tend to overcook and the middle is not gooey and melting.

    This is the holy grail, can you help me find it?


  2. Janine says:

    this is my first visit after seeing you on RR today. I was wondering if you have recipes using cake mix for mug cakes?

  3. I’m afraid not. But if you come up with a good cake mix microwave mug cake recipe, I hope you’ll share it here!

  4. teddy says:


    Snow…and a freshly-baked microwave mug cake. « Microwave Mug Cake Chronicles

  5. Snow says:

    Jackson Pittenger

    I found a great…

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